Friday, January 28, 2011

Gots to do better?!

Where have I been?! Geezzz.....I continue to neglect my precious blog!
Well I have been working like a Hebrew slave collecting my overtime, and spending it simultaneously :)
I even bought myself a present for working so hard!!!!

YES!!!! A Macbook Pro & I love it!!!! It's the best! Worth every little

Other than that, nothing is happening in my parts! I had a quick reality check with myself last week and I realized, if I ever plan on leaving this small city I better start planning! So I spent a day trying to figure out what my next moves were going to it is!

1. Get my NPS credential.
2. Move to Atlanta.
3. Get a job that will train me to work NICU only.
4. Study for and pass PCAT exam.
5. Apply for Mercer & GA State Pharmacy School.

Yep that's the plan!!!

Oh yea, observation of this is crazy. :-) That is all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Saturday!!! 1/1/11


1. Being home with my family throughout the majority of the holidays!
2. Watching my HS band march in the Tournament of Roses Parade today! (love my alma mater)
3. My new soft bonnet dryer!!!!
4. My flexi- rods...
5. My brother's daily hilarious phone calls (he never calls this consistently)
6. Video Chat!
7. The Weather....
8. Good Home Cooking.
9. Youtube
10. Mac Cosmetics