Friday, January 28, 2011

Gots to do better?!

Where have I been?! Geezzz.....I continue to neglect my precious blog!
Well I have been working like a Hebrew slave collecting my overtime, and spending it simultaneously :)
I even bought myself a present for working so hard!!!!

YES!!!! A Macbook Pro & I love it!!!! It's the best! Worth every little

Other than that, nothing is happening in my parts! I had a quick reality check with myself last week and I realized, if I ever plan on leaving this small city I better start planning! So I spent a day trying to figure out what my next moves were going to it is!

1. Get my NPS credential.
2. Move to Atlanta.
3. Get a job that will train me to work NICU only.
4. Study for and pass PCAT exam.
5. Apply for Mercer & GA State Pharmacy School.

Yep that's the plan!!!

Oh yea, observation of this is crazy. :-) That is all.

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