Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February....the month of LOVE!!! :)

Oh Joy....Welcome to one of my favorite months of the year (after December & July....) good ol' February! A month full of history & reflection of where we have come as a race mixed with my favorite emotion of them all, LOVE!!!!!

So how will I be celebrating this month you might wonder (or

1st & foremost, my favorite people in the world are coming down this weekend... THE PARENTALS!!!!! I miss them so much so they're coming on down to see their favorite daughter! I'll be looking for things that can entertain them in this little city. So far, I got a trip to the Vero Outlet mall (mom...check!), A visit to City Place for dinner and a movie (dad....check!), then some quality time doing something else I haven't figured out yet!...

The following weekend after the parentals leave....the love is expected to arrive. That man and I have been through hell and high water together but I can't lie....the thought of spending not only this Valentine's day with him....but making it another year in general excites the hell outta me! He still gives me the jitters, still makes me blush, the only guy that can make me pure mush....he's so special to enough of that! lol

Im patiently waiting on my NPS info! I will be taking that exam before summer hits so I need to prepare! I really am excited about working with little ones in my future....might give me a little more compassion and excitement!! Not to mention, its time for me to start learning again, I'm feeling very stagnant at my job right now....too much negativity there, not enough learning and growth (and that's not just respiratory i'm talking about....but thats another blog...)

Enjoy your FEBRUARY, I'm surely attempting to make the best out of mines!!

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