Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010!

Well Thanksgiving for me this year has come and gone and I must was okay. I had no big meal, I didn't get to spend it with my family, and I even had a few moments of allowing myself to feel lonely but I'm blessed...and around this time of year I can't help but keep that thought in mind... :) So since I wasn't able to name all those things I'm thankful for around a table of loved ones...Ill do it now!!!
The many things I'm thankful for!!!

1. Family- I must admit I have the most loving family in the world. I am not always the easiest to deal with (and to be honest, they aren't either!) But we make it work. We sacrifice for each other. I'd give my last for all of them and I just love them so much more than my words or actions could ever express.

2. Job- In times like now, where there are soooo many people struggling to get by day by day, I have to be thankful for my career. It allows me to live comfortably and I even get to surround myself with all kinds of people from all over...some pleasant, some not so much lol, some with stories to tell, others that provide lessons of life. Its a cool job to have. The few cons I have about that place could never outweigh the good.

3.A Overall Good Life- Besides a few relationship issues I've had recently, I've really lived a pleasant life with no big issues. I thank my family for this mostly but I also have to give "props" to myself. I have worked hard. I have chosen certain paths that have lead me to where I am today. I've had many opportunities to make certain decisions that some would call risky; many opportunities for a "quick fix" that brings "temporary gratification"...and don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect and I've had some "not so proud moments" but I'm proud of myself for taking the path I chose and continue to take. Some call me a square, or one that takes no risk. But working hard and making good decisions have prepared me for a life with few hard times. I love myself & my life.

4. Friends- I don't have many...but the ones that I choose to call friend are truly great people...all for different reasons. There is a little bit of myself in all my besties! They care about my well being, they push me to be better (in all aspects of life) and they are there through thick and thin. I never have to pretend to be someone I'm not. They know "me"...they like "me" & that's all I ever have to be.

5. My B- Boy Boy Boy, he's taught me alot about myself, alot about love, & alot about ups & downs in a relationship. We've done each other good....we've done each other wrong but in the end whether it lasts or not...this was not a waste. We were/are definitely something special....and if I had to fall in love, be stupid & naive, finally open up to someone in the "l.o.v.e." kinda way lol...I'm glad I chose him.

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