Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun....

I've been slacking on posting up new things on this blog...only because life has been so busy! Allow me to fill you in....

So, the best news of all.... MY LOVE CAME TO SEE ME FOR A FEW DAYS!!!!!!
We had such a great time but (theres always a "but") it's a constant reminder that long distance relationships suck....sucky! sucky! sucky!

.....this seemed to be the theme of the trip....why are we sooo far away and when can we fix it....
so what did we do??
we chilled, we went out to eat, we rode around boring Stuart, watched Netflix, took a trip to Wally World, Target, & CVS... he let me go play with my girlfriends (without trippin on me :) ) and best of all.....we talked all day and all night. Never have I been able to have such easy and constant conversation with anyone... he's my best friend. I didn't want him to go... 

What else did I do?! 
I had a mini college reunion with Maya and Senita....we hung out in West Palm Beach (when I could be pried away from my love lol)....all in all, I spent WAYYYYY too much money and probably gained 5lbs of vodka alone but it was good times, like always!!! 

And then there was work.... *crickets* :)

Which brings me to today....I'm working my last night this week then its off to ATL for the weekend....its a surprise dinner for my dad being held on Sat and I cant wait!!!

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