Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In a relationship?

Well I'm trying my best to stay active with the blogging but I have honestly been too busy trying to stay out of my apartment everyday I'm not scheduled to work! I gotta live my life!
It got to the point where all I was doing was sleeping, eating, and working....that's no life for a 24 yr old...
Soooooo....friends houses, pools, beaches, malls, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta (home!!!!), Tally, Tampa....I've been everywhere this summer!

This past weekend, I attended a beautiful wedding in Clearwater, FL. My cousin proposed to his beautiful bride and I couldn't miss that wedding for anything, plus my parents came down too! (I missed them)

The older I get, the more appreciative I seem to be when I'm around family. I miss them a lot more than I ever realized.

After I left Clearwater, I decided to raodtrip to Tally-ho! There was some serious business to take care of!!! (at least in my opinion)

See, anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that I have been through soooo many ups & downs dealing with the break up w/ my ex and the crumbling of his life (literally)....

I decided that "WE" had a big decision to make.....either let "us" go for good and stop communication so we can move on properly or FIX "us" and recognize that our love is one that we are not ready or willing to let go of, which ultimately means, getting back together....

....for lack of better words....
We kissed & made up.

Agreed that it was pointless for us to "act" like we weren't just as in love now as we were a year ago.
Decided to communicate better & work on compromise.
Gained confidence that were gonna work this long distance thing, no matter how difficult it is.
And if for some reason we don't work.....damnit, we tried our best. Were not quitters.
So, I'm back in a relationship.

That is all. Deuces.

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