Monday, May 2, 2011

Susie Homemaker.....Hungry Girl Edition!

So I was cruising along Amazon and saw these cookbooks my friend recommended that I purchase so I did.....Hungry Girl....

The concept of this cookbook is to make easy low cal that are tasty without the fat!
I was I got to cooking!! (I hate cooking by the way.....)

1st was my chicken roll up...delicious and doesn't seem that healthy if you ask me....chicken, salsa and lowfat cheese rolled up in croissant dough. 191 cal per serving....

Second and not too tasty....low fat pizza. Wheat tortilla as a crust with soy crumbles for a meat substitute, Rotel tomatoes, and low fat cheese on top.... 110 cal per serving.

Third....Mexican style Baked chicken stuffed with refried beans and low fat cheese. Pretty Good! But then again, I tend to love everything Mexican!!!

Lovely Dinner....The baked chicken w/ broccoli and cauliflower w/ cheese. 

And my fav..... low-fat 100 cal cupcakes... cupcake mix, egg substitute, cocoa mix, water, and marshmallow fluff on top w/ a handful of semi-sweet chocolates.

And a moment to step off the diet....the boo came to visit and we ALL know he aint eating low fat crap in respects to him.....Fat-filled but delicious steak (A1 on top) and broccoli w/ cauliflower & cheese....and a alcoholic beverage on the side.

Just a little look in my kitchen....

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