Monday, May 2, 2011

Where the Heck Have I Been?!

Geezzz! lol
It's been months since I've been on here, and its not because I haven't had anything to say.... I been a busy lady!!!
2011 is going by sooo fast and I'm just trying to keep up... So instead of going through the list of the things that kept me busy in April, I'll just do a little list of the things that made me happy.

1. Time Off from work!
2.  Family
3.  My love visiting me for a week!
4. Wine Freezes
5. Guanabanas
6. Cheesecake Factory (greedy, i know! lol)
7.  Overtime hours....well the pay.
8. The Beach!
9. Netflix
10. Online Shopping

Onward to MAY 2011!!!

My lil bro graduates college in 5 days and I'm preparing to go see him! Pics will be up soon!

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