Friday, July 8, 2011

Feeling a lil Fishy! (Susie Homemaker Edition 2)

That RARE feeling has hit me yet again....I wanna get in the kitchen and make something! I had to find something somewhat low in calories and fat....low carbs would be great too but hey its my bday weekend (so I dont care!)! Since I've been craving seafood, I decided on Crawfish Soup (similar to a bisque but NO flour!) Took about 10-15min! 3 steps and I was done!!!!

Ingredients used
Coconut oil                  Green Pepper
Stewed Tomatos          Diced Tomato
Onions                         Garlic cloves
Crawfish tails               Chicken Broth or H20
Low fat Cream Cheese

Old Bay                       Cayenne Pepper
Sea Salt                       Creole Seasoning
Pepper                         Garlic Powder

Don't have specific amounts used (ie. 1 cup, tbsp, etc) because I was just winging it...literally throwing stuff in a pot.

1st I put a little coconut oil in a pot and added my onion, peppers, diced tomatoes, & garlic and let it a sauté a bit...

2nd Add the crawfish tails, cook for about 5-8min, and season (til' your heart fills happy!)...

3rd Add your chicken broth or water (I didn't add too much because I wanted a chunkier soup) stewed tomatoes, and then add the cream cheese, then cover and let it simmer for a little while so it can thicken.... and WALAH! FINISHED!


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