Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Scrubby Situation... Weight Loss Update!!

So yep....I'm still working at this healthy life transition thing and although I am hungry ALOT of the time (like right now lol)....I do feel better and I'm appreciating the results that are coming (slowly but surely!)

So here's my "scrubby" situation....I work at a scrubs no longer fit! I'm looking all frumpy and the cheapness in me refuses to purchase new ones (ONLY because I'm only going to be at this job for about a month then I'm moving) I feel like thats a pointless expense.
Soooo.... guys, just pray that my pants don't fall down while running to a code blue....(i can't pull that look off, i ain't skinny yet! lol)

scrubs that were tight a few months ago....

scrubs in the mirror at work.....

pulling the scrubs on one side looking for some type of shape!

40lbs down...

pray for me guys....this is difficult!

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