Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beach Day....

Lately I've been soooo emotional it's unreal!! The crazy thing is I can't name one exact thing thats making me feel the way I do... I guess if I could narrow down the things Im disappointed about nowadays it would probably be...
1. Gaining back the weight I worked soooo hard to get off!
2. The emotional attachment that still exist between me & my ex.
3.My longing to be back in school mixed with the doubt that I have on if I'm capable.
4.Missing my family like crazy....silly me, wanting to move somewhere where I'm near NOONE.
5.Wanting a change in personality....tired of being so timid, chill, & quiet. I'm not like that with everyone but being alone in this city is making me that way & just making the change is proving to be easier said than done.

Looking at the larger picture of "life", I realized that my "problems" are not nearly as bad as they come and I have no reason to complain but I can't deny that I've been feeling down alot this summer.

So, in response to me trying to fix me & regain peace of mind...Ive been going back to church, reading books, traveling, shopping, eating (ekk!), getting massages, pedicures, and having pamper me days....

and today is "beach day". Pray for me guys....I just want long term happiness & peace within!

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