Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wooo I'm Pooped!!!

I'm officially 24!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!

I was determined to have some fun this year for my bday and that's exactly what I's a lil recap!

July 8th....lunch and shopping in Orlando

I rarely get to shop so it was on and popping when I pulled up to the mall in Orlando!
........and yea...I probably went overboard and more than likely, I need a couple of days of overtime to break even..... But it was soooo much fun... and as for my favorite purchase of the day..... at first sight.....yea, they bad, i know ha ha!

July 9th


I took it to Miami to shop and then Hollywood, FL to hang at the Hardrock with my old coworker from Tally. We had soo much fun....I love that area! I probably should have moved there after school instead of Port St. Lucie :(.... anywho, I had a good time hanging at the bars then relaxing with friends.

July 10th

Took it to Delray, FL off of Atlantic Ave....which is surprisingly a really cool area to hang out in. My friend Maya and I decided to roam around after our lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and we found it. It's like a mini South Beach right off of the water.... a long strip of shops, boutiques, and restaurants/ bars! Very nice out there!
Cant wait to go back.....

...and last but not least.....

July 11th

....a good rub down to make me forget how much I spent all weekend and reminiscence on how much fun I had and how much I appreciate everyone that hung out with me and made this weekend special!!! OK, I'm done splurging now! lol

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