Thursday, July 1, 2010

And The Countdown Begins!!!!!!!!!

It's coming's coming!
July 9th is the day!!! The most important day in the world....The most special person alive was born.....MEEEEE!!!!!

I'm very very excited but I have yet to make any solid plans.... I took off work from the coming up Wed. to the following I have plenty of time to figure something out. I'm thinking....Miami....Orlando.... or Atlanta....wherever I go, money will be spent and fun will be had!!!

When I left my house this afternoon, I had a note on my door asking about renewing my lease...I hate this time of year. They want to raise my rent and as much as I want to move out of that place...(it is a nice place by the way)...I HATE moving!


moving sucks!

But I'm thinking, I'm probably going to look around further down South and pay someone to move me...I'll suffer and take a few OT shifts to cover my lazy"ness"

Update on B's dad....he's still not doing well and I'm starting to worry a little bit more everytime I get an update.... Guillain Barre is such a tricky goes from non-critical to critical out of nowhere. Every patient I've seen with it has had a different response to treatments....some positive, some negative. I will continue to keep him and his entire family in my prayers...
With that being said, I got into an argument w/ B yesterday morning and felt like shit afterwards...he doesn't need my stress and here I go yelling about someone/thing that clearly doesn't even matter....I get so anxious and upset sometimes and when I get like that....I'm unstoppable and can't calm self-control. I just go off.... *shrug* I need some Xanax in my life I guess...
....Let's see, what else has been going on....
oh yea...I went to the mall yesterday out of boredom just looking for some skin products so I don't completely fry and crust over this hot hot summer and this guy approached me and said that he was interested in taking me out. He was very respectful, older than me but he didn't look over 35, and he was put together nicely (and the Jamaican accent didn't hurt! lol)....I decided to turn him down on the date but said maybe we could hang out in a couple of months when I figured out what was going on with what I was feeling in my heart for my ex. (yea...i know you're thinking: he "just" wanted to take u out on a friendly outing....but I just was NOT interested in ANY mind & heart are occupied.) been there, done that (trying to get over one situation by starting something new quickly)...I need "me" time....but it's still a awesome feeling to know that after being locked down for 3 yrs, I still got it! ha ha!! lol


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