Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slow Night (Knock On Wood)....

Maybe its a slow night....or its my 4th night here and since I know all my patients well and my unit is beautifully clean and prepared for the next therapist to take over....I'm kind of chillin and relaxing!
Anywho..... I miss my vacation time already :(
and even though this was a easy going, fairly non stressful 4 day stretch, I just don't think I'm meant to work for a living! lol.... hear me out....

I believe I would be the perfect candidate to marry a successful man that's head over heels in love w/ me, birth beautiful children, raise them with the best and take care of my family!....I'd also love to do volunteering around whatever city I live in and travel all around the world. I would never get bored... (can you tell its 2 something in the AM!! Oh my crazy thoughts and wishes)....a girl's gotta dream!!
I guess that's about it....


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