Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beach Day....

Lately I've been soooo emotional it's unreal!! The crazy thing is I can't name one exact thing thats making me feel the way I do... I guess if I could narrow down the things Im disappointed about nowadays it would probably be...
1. Gaining back the weight I worked soooo hard to get off!
2. The emotional attachment that still exist between me & my ex.
3.My longing to be back in school mixed with the doubt that I have on if I'm capable.
4.Missing my family like crazy....silly me, wanting to move somewhere where I'm near NOONE.
5.Wanting a change in personality....tired of being so timid, chill, & quiet. I'm not like that with everyone but being alone in this city is making me that way & just making the change is proving to be easier said than done.

Looking at the larger picture of "life", I realized that my "problems" are not nearly as bad as they come and I have no reason to complain but I can't deny that I've been feeling down alot this summer.

So, in response to me trying to fix me & regain peace of mind...Ive been going back to church, reading books, traveling, shopping, eating (ekk!), getting massages, pedicures, and having pamper me days....

and today is "beach day". Pray for me guys....I just want long term happiness & peace within!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slow Night (Knock On Wood)....

Maybe its a slow night....or its my 4th night here and since I know all my patients well and my unit is beautifully clean and prepared for the next therapist to take over....I'm kind of chillin and relaxing!
Anywho..... I miss my vacation time already :(
and even though this was a easy going, fairly non stressful 4 day stretch, I just don't think I'm meant to work for a living! lol.... hear me out....

I believe I would be the perfect candidate to marry a successful man that's head over heels in love w/ me, birth beautiful children, raise them with the best and take care of my family!....I'd also love to do volunteering around whatever city I live in and travel all around the world. I would never get bored... (can you tell its 2 something in the AM!! Oh my crazy thoughts and wishes)....a girl's gotta dream!!
I guess that's about it....


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wooo I'm Pooped!!!

I'm officially 24!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!

I was determined to have some fun this year for my bday and that's exactly what I's a lil recap!

July 8th....lunch and shopping in Orlando

I rarely get to shop so it was on and popping when I pulled up to the mall in Orlando!
........and yea...I probably went overboard and more than likely, I need a couple of days of overtime to break even..... But it was soooo much fun... and as for my favorite purchase of the day..... at first sight.....yea, they bad, i know ha ha!

July 9th


I took it to Miami to shop and then Hollywood, FL to hang at the Hardrock with my old coworker from Tally. We had soo much fun....I love that area! I probably should have moved there after school instead of Port St. Lucie :(.... anywho, I had a good time hanging at the bars then relaxing with friends.

July 10th

Took it to Delray, FL off of Atlantic Ave....which is surprisingly a really cool area to hang out in. My friend Maya and I decided to roam around after our lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and we found it. It's like a mini South Beach right off of the water.... a long strip of shops, boutiques, and restaurants/ bars! Very nice out there!
Cant wait to go back.....

...and last but not least.....

July 11th

....a good rub down to make me forget how much I spent all weekend and reminiscence on how much fun I had and how much I appreciate everyone that hung out with me and made this weekend special!!! OK, I'm done splurging now! lol

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!! (but it's still not better than the 9th!! ) :-D

Soooo YAY!!! It's the 4th of July! and what did Tiff do all day....
Yep...knocked out...ALL DAY LONG.....

no cook-outs, no fireworks, no family and friends....just me sleeping and preparing myself to go to work... :(

but before you start feeling sorry for me, it was GREAT sleep, I talked to my family on the phone, and although it was busy at work and we were under-staffed, I managed to get a good meal in and I saw fireworks from the patients rooms! lol
Me, Ash, and Holl ended up having hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, potato salad, chips, queso, guacamole, and cupcakes!! (pray for our tummies!)
Not such a bad 4th like I thought it would be....

oh yea....5 more days til I'm 24! yippe!

Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And The Countdown Begins!!!!!!!!!

It's coming's coming!
July 9th is the day!!! The most important day in the world....The most special person alive was born.....MEEEEE!!!!!

I'm very very excited but I have yet to make any solid plans.... I took off work from the coming up Wed. to the following I have plenty of time to figure something out. I'm thinking....Miami....Orlando.... or Atlanta....wherever I go, money will be spent and fun will be had!!!

When I left my house this afternoon, I had a note on my door asking about renewing my lease...I hate this time of year. They want to raise my rent and as much as I want to move out of that place...(it is a nice place by the way)...I HATE moving!


moving sucks!

But I'm thinking, I'm probably going to look around further down South and pay someone to move me...I'll suffer and take a few OT shifts to cover my lazy"ness"

Update on B's dad....he's still not doing well and I'm starting to worry a little bit more everytime I get an update.... Guillain Barre is such a tricky goes from non-critical to critical out of nowhere. Every patient I've seen with it has had a different response to treatments....some positive, some negative. I will continue to keep him and his entire family in my prayers...
With that being said, I got into an argument w/ B yesterday morning and felt like shit afterwards...he doesn't need my stress and here I go yelling about someone/thing that clearly doesn't even matter....I get so anxious and upset sometimes and when I get like that....I'm unstoppable and can't calm self-control. I just go off.... *shrug* I need some Xanax in my life I guess...
....Let's see, what else has been going on....
oh yea...I went to the mall yesterday out of boredom just looking for some skin products so I don't completely fry and crust over this hot hot summer and this guy approached me and said that he was interested in taking me out. He was very respectful, older than me but he didn't look over 35, and he was put together nicely (and the Jamaican accent didn't hurt! lol)....I decided to turn him down on the date but said maybe we could hang out in a couple of months when I figured out what was going on with what I was feeling in my heart for my ex. (yea...i know you're thinking: he "just" wanted to take u out on a friendly outing....but I just was NOT interested in ANY mind & heart are occupied.) been there, done that (trying to get over one situation by starting something new quickly)...I need "me" time....but it's still a awesome feeling to know that after being locked down for 3 yrs, I still got it! ha ha!! lol