Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feeling a lil' Prissy?

I would never consider myself a cutesy, prissy type of girl...i always choose comfort over anything but I have to admit that the older I get...the more I gain interest in things I never cared about before. I'm becoming such a......girl! haha! Here are 3 things I can't believe it took me this long to get into!

My Nails
Out of NOWHERE, I have this strange obsession with growing out my nails strong and healthy. I've been getting regular manicures and buying all types of cute polishes. Current addictions: Essie nail polish and Shellac!

DRESSES! DRESSES DRESSES! Short dresses, maxi dresses, colorful dresses, color blocking dresses! I want them thanks to these sites, I get them! *happy face*

Being Beautiful.....Naturally
Last year, my boyfriend said something that stuck with me... I got dressed for homecoming festivities (18' weave down my back, make-up on flawlessly, shirt w/ the girls coming out to play, & some nice bottoms).... came out of the bathroom thinking I was doing something and of course I needed a second opinion (more like another person to agree w/ me & tell me Im sexy lol) But in the most polite way he is capable of speaking, he said something along the lines of "Tiff, don't get me wrong you look nice right now but you caught my eye long ago because you were beautiful to me....without the weave, without the makeup, without the heels....just you. You don't "need" all're pretty without it." Although that's not what I wanted to hear at that time... I appreciated the comment, and although I have no plans of throwing away my makeup or the few flashy outfits I have, I wanna be able to grow older and remain a natural beauty.
In efforts to do this... I've added a few steps to my daily routine...
- I drink at least 2 liters of water everyday.
-I use coconut oil on my skin and hair.
-On occasion, I drink apple cider vinegar in my water (if u haven't heard of the benefits, look it up)
-I take multi-vitamins daily and sometimes MSM supplements too!
-I try to remain stress free! :-)

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