Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seafood Adventure

So let me start by saying....I've never been a seafood kinda gal (I tend to only like shrimp & talapia) so this morning when I woke up craving oysters, it threw me!
So I was off to Palm Beach Gardens, where Maya & I decided to go to Spoto's Oyster Bar!

We started w/ Mussels and Oyster Rockefeller.....which are my new favs!
Then I got a mixed green salad, fruit, and chicken salad....that was good too but I wish I would have just ordered two plates of oysters :)

That was a pretty good experience for me, just thought I'd share!


  1. oh next time you go back snap some pics!!!
    I love looking at all the yummy food people eat :)

    mele xo

  2. lol will do! by the time i remembered to take a pic, there were only shells left! haha!