Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Midnight Rant!!

My friend just called to vent about a situation she had going on w/ an anonymous person & she got me thinking about a situation that happened earlier that pissed me off... (it has no relation...lol i think her hype"ness" just got me hype again!)

I can't STAND fair-weather friends, family, or associates that don't know when to keep their mouths shut. Now, its not the majority of the beautiful people I surround myself with but there is a small 2.5% of the folks I hang with that have recently rubbed me the wrong way...
If I consider you a friend of mines...I have expectations of you, high ones....mainly because I know for a FACT that I'm a good, no GREAT friend. I look out, I'd give my last...and if any of them needed me, I'd be there, no questions asked.
Imagine my surprise to hear/see that one of the people I consider "close" always has some slick shit to say about me and how I live my life.
You know those kinda people....the ones that come off bitter, NEVER have anything nice to say about anyone, always got some slick shit to say but never direct it to your face....but on the flip side, let a couple great things happen in your life....they're right there by your side ready to claim that BFF spot!! I'm over it.
Also, I'm a FIRM believer in not having fights w/ those I consider friend. I feel like there are many people I might have to constantly bicker w/ in life and "friends" aren't included in that bunch. If me and a "so-called friend" can't come to a friendly solution to our issues its a sign that we have grown apart and therefore we need to be done. I think I'm reaching that point w/ a few people.

Rant done.

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