Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainy Days...

Its been pretty sucky weather in S. Fla all weekend...sunny for a hour then rain for the following 3 hours...and although I'm happy because I'm not working tonight, I wish my satellite would pick up a signal and bring my cable back (ya know, since it IS wedding sunday, bet award night, and true blood season premiere day!!!)

Anywho, to pass the time...I've been listening to all kinds of old school music (the kind you were forced to listen to in the back seat of mom and dads car back in the and I have picked my song of the day. It fits my mood, the gloomy weather, and its just an all around good song.

Good ol' Otis Redding.....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fill in the Blank FRIDAY!!!

*in my Rebecca Black voice* It's Friii-day Fri-dayyy!!! :)

1.   The last thing I ate was  red pepper hummus and pretzel bites....not really what I wanted but it got the job done!

2.  The next thing I'd like to eat is  Olive Garden or Red Lobster!! I'm sure I'll get neither. :)

3.  The best things  in life are those little moments in life that create those HUGE memories that never leave your mind.

4.  Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is turning on my ihome and blasting my music while I clean, get dressed, shower, dance around, or just chill.

5.  Sports are    something I can live with or without...& thats surprising because my bro and dad are soooo involved in ALL sports. I couldn't care less.

6.  I miss   my boyfriend...genuinely. We were so close when we lived in the same city and this past 2yrs has put an extreme strain on our relationship. Long distance is hard & not something I would ever attempt again. I wish we were together. "Kudos" to Skype and weekend getaways, it's keeping us sane.

7.  Right now I am   excited about Sunday night a dork, I know!! Wedding Sunday on WE mixed with a little BET Awards on BET (Beyonce performmssss!! yes!), and the best for last... TRUUEEEE BLLLOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!! (yea im excited!) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Woman...Hear Me Roar!!! (Men Feel Free to Skip This Post)

I. am. an. ovulating. out. of. control. emotional. crampy. moody. mess. right. now.

Me being a Cancer mixed with my T.O.M.  WILL be the DEATH of me...i'm sure.


That is all. Good day.

Feeling a lil' Prissy?

I would never consider myself a cutesy, prissy type of girl...i always choose comfort over anything but I have to admit that the older I get...the more I gain interest in things I never cared about before. I'm becoming such a......girl! haha! Here are 3 things I can't believe it took me this long to get into!

My Nails
Out of NOWHERE, I have this strange obsession with growing out my nails strong and healthy. I've been getting regular manicures and buying all types of cute polishes. Current addictions: Essie nail polish and Shellac!

DRESSES! DRESSES DRESSES! Short dresses, maxi dresses, colorful dresses, color blocking dresses! I want them thanks to these sites, I get them! *happy face*

Being Beautiful.....Naturally
Last year, my boyfriend said something that stuck with me... I got dressed for homecoming festivities (18' weave down my back, make-up on flawlessly, shirt w/ the girls coming out to play, & some nice bottoms).... came out of the bathroom thinking I was doing something and of course I needed a second opinion (more like another person to agree w/ me & tell me Im sexy lol) But in the most polite way he is capable of speaking, he said something along the lines of "Tiff, don't get me wrong you look nice right now but you caught my eye long ago because you were beautiful to me....without the weave, without the makeup, without the heels....just you. You don't "need" all're pretty without it." Although that's not what I wanted to hear at that time... I appreciated the comment, and although I have no plans of throwing away my makeup or the few flashy outfits I have, I wanna be able to grow older and remain a natural beauty.
In efforts to do this... I've added a few steps to my daily routine...
- I drink at least 2 liters of water everyday.
-I use coconut oil on my skin and hair.
-On occasion, I drink apple cider vinegar in my water (if u haven't heard of the benefits, look it up)
-I take multi-vitamins daily and sometimes MSM supplements too!
-I try to remain stress free! :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seafood Adventure

So let me start by saying....I've never been a seafood kinda gal (I tend to only like shrimp & talapia) so this morning when I woke up craving oysters, it threw me!
So I was off to Palm Beach Gardens, where Maya & I decided to go to Spoto's Oyster Bar!

We started w/ Mussels and Oyster Rockefeller.....which are my new favs!
Then I got a mixed green salad, fruit, and chicken salad....that was good too but I wish I would have just ordered two plates of oysters :)

That was a pretty good experience for me, just thought I'd share!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Up & dOwN & uP & DoWn

Not many know (but my closest buds) that since 2009, I have been on a MISSION...that being weight loss....I have been up and down and all around the scale. I can truly say it's one of the hardest things I've had to do "mentally" in my entire life. Its one big mind addiction (as Oprah puts it)....anywho, as of late...I've decided to get back on it. Ofcourse, there are few that don't think I will succeed, and even a few that swear results don't exist but the scale don't lie babbbyyyy! lol pics dont either..... I think some fail to see/ realize how large I have been in the past, hell I'm still large but the progress is slow & steady. Here are a few pics!


sidenote....Hate this pic...for obvious reasons!

70 DOWN pt1



LETS TRY THIS in progress



 Maybe if I post pics on the regular, it will keep me motivated this time!

Midnight Rant!!

My friend just called to vent about a situation she had going on w/ an anonymous person & she got me thinking about a situation that happened earlier that pissed me off... (it has no i think her hype"ness" just got me hype again!)

I can't STAND fair-weather friends, family, or associates that don't know when to keep their mouths shut. Now, its not the majority of the beautiful people I surround myself with but there is a small 2.5% of the folks I hang with that have recently rubbed me the wrong way...
If I consider you a friend of mines...I have expectations of you, high ones....mainly because I know for a FACT that I'm a good, no GREAT friend. I look out, I'd give my last...and if any of them needed me, I'd be there, no questions asked.
Imagine my surprise to hear/see that one of the people I consider "close" always has some slick shit to say about me and how I live my life.
You know those kinda people....the ones that come off bitter, NEVER have anything nice to say about anyone, always got some slick shit to say but never direct it to your face....but on the flip side, let a couple great things happen in your life....they're right there by your side ready to claim that BFF spot!! I'm over it.
Also, I'm a FIRM believer in not having fights w/ those I consider friend. I feel like there are many people I might have to constantly bicker w/ in life and "friends" aren't included in that bunch. If me and a "so-called friend" can't come to a friendly solution to our issues its a sign that we have grown apart and therefore we need to be done. I think I'm reaching that point w/ a few people.

Rant done.


So finally, the bridal shower is oovvvaaahhhh!!!
My best friend is getting married in Aug and Cicely & I got together to throw her a bridal shower this past weekend! It was a MAJOR success and everyone had soooo much fun. It was great to be around people that I love sooo much! Anywho, heres the pics!

Beautiful Venue....


My pride & joy...the sweets table

My fellow bridesmaid Cicely

the bride & her mommy!! 
bride w/ her roomies

me & mom took a photo w/ the bride to be

maids of honor!


her beautiful thank u gift!

We had an awesome time!