Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Night At Work....

Sooo, I'm at work on my 4th night this week and I'm tired, a little cranky, and cramping! :( I feel like crap! But I'm making it slowly but surely....

I been so off today that I made a respiratory no-no....and I felt HORRIBLE about it!!! So there's this lady that's soo very sick, I give her a treatment which to be totally def. NOT helping her....then I pull off the nebulizer and I completely forget to connect her oxygen back. She was on 5L of oxygen to make things worst and she went really bad really fast and had a panic attack.
I felt so bad, I went back up to talk to her & her daughter...I just apologized for my careless mistake. Ugh!... I know we all make mistakes but I was really distraught about this for about an hour or so after everything had happened.

Now....I'm patiently waiting for 7am so I can get outta here! Club B.E.D. is calling my name!

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