Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Fact Friday!!!

So I was looking at other people's blogs and I noticed that a lot of you guys do Fun Fact Friday....great idea!!! Lets See... since it's my 1st time, Ill just name 10 random facts about me...

1. I am musically talented.

I can read music and play the piano, clarinet, flute, and saxophone. I love everything about music...esp. key changes (weird, I know!)

2. I loovvee to be silly and make jokes. But I'm extremely quiet until I meet people I'm comfortable around.

3. My brother is my favorite person in the world. I love his spirit. Every flaw I have in my personality he makes look easy & flawless.

4. I get hit on all the time but have only had two serious boyfriends in my life. ugh! guys suck...

5. I only watch MTV, VH1, BET, TLC, HBO & Discovery Health....& occasionally the news...

6. I have about 3 best friends that I can tell ANY & EVERYTHING!

7. Mexican food is my favorite.

8. I'm spoiled rotten & I cry when I don't get what I want! (Don't judge me, blame daddy!)

9. I'm a homebody but I like LOVE to go hang out!

10. I'm tired of writing facts....well try again next week!

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