Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Ready for Miami....or Miami Not Ready for Us??

So, here we go! Saturday morning...4th day off of 6....time to hit up South Beach for the 1st time!! Cant believe I've been living in South Florida for almost a year and this is my 1st time going to "THE" South Beach! Leh GO!
....Now I've been to certain areas in Miami before...and I've never really been impressed with the city but after this weekend...I have to say, I enjoyed myself FULLY!

So we stop at the Aventura Mall first to do a little shopping (or just get out of the 100 degree heat!!) then after some time there we head to the beach where I went str8 for what I know! WET WILLIES!
Now, I loveee a good mixed drink and since Wet Willies has a plethora to choose from with the perfect amount of potency I was excited!
We got a couple of drinks there then went to The Place to eat....time must of flew because after lunch, conversations, & just hanging out we were sooo tired and 6 hours had passed.

After leaving South Beach we ended up going to a pizza joint called Andiamo! which was DELICIOUS-O! I will def. go back next time I'm in Miami....then The News, which is a bar/ lounge right across the street. We hung out there with friends from Miami & attempted to sober up a bit for our trip back home....
Somehow we ended up making it home a couple of hours later (ROUGH TRIP!! "don't drink & drive kiddies")
Anywho, after one day of recuperation and lots of water...I'm back to report...IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I'm soooo ready to go back!

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