Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 days off! Woo Hooo!

As I enter my 2nd day off I must admit....I "needed" this time! lol
So far, I love the actual respiratory job, but between the constant drama in the department and the occasional unnecessary attitude from the nursing staff, it tends to make work undesirable most nights.
I mean....this is not my first job ever so I know that there is going to be a level of drama wherever I go but the constant drama that exist here is ridiculous and NOT normal. Every night I go, I feel like the same conversation is brought up with no results in the end. Everyone seems to talk "negatively" about each other when someone is not present....
...then everyone wonders why I'm so quiet.... lol the answer is simple...
this is not me...
...not how I operate...
I come there to 1.Learn, 2. Work, 3. Get a check and if possible 4. Have some good conversation... and I rather not get disrespected or annoyed in the process... that so much to ask for?? ....I guess so....

...........................................................welp, that was my vent for the night..... & since I don't see things changing anytime soon, moving right along!

So, plans for my days off:

Friday (today): I plan on getting out of the house by 10am....My hairdresser and I have a date....and its LONNNGG overdue!
It's been a little over three years since I've stopped getting relaxers and the longer I live in Florida, the harder this gets!
Humidity+ daily afternoon rain showers= an afro that wants to stay out of control!
That's ok though, because tomorrow, me and the flat iron will be bff's and my hair will be LAID!
Lets see, what else... after I leave there I believe me & Brandon-y will go out to lunch. Rachelle was suppose to be going with us but I think she has to work tomorrow so who knows?!

Sat.- My old co-worker is coming to her hometown (Ft. Pierce) which means I'll FINALLY have someone to hang with & go out with! Thank Ya Jesus!! LOL! I have so much built up "party" in me I cant wait!

Sun.- Don't quote me but I think I might go to a church for the 1st time down here....a couple of months ago one of the custodians went out of her way to invite me to her church about 4 times. I might set my alarm and go check it out. I haven't been in a while and since my mom asks me every week if I found a church home I think its time! :)
Mon- Supposedly, my uncle and fam is suppose to be on their way back to ATL from a cruise that came through the Miami port...and ofcourse, they want to stop here on their way back home. So, I need to make sure I do my weekly clean up of the apartment! I'm sure my folks have bragged about their baby enough to everyone that will listen so I need to be ready to impress! (sad, but true..)

Tues.- back to good ol' work!! (fake smile)...really its not that bad, just annoying sometimes! I wanna be my talkative self but.....ugh.....being there just makes me want to sit there for 12 hrs, provide respiratory care the best I know how, & go on home!

PS. All my Golden Girls are leaving me! RIP Rue McClanahan... :( Hold on Betty...hold on!
*Whistles- Thank You For Being A Friend*

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